Web Development Experience

As a freelancer I've spent a lot of time learning on the job, and I consider myself almost entirely self taught. My first big breakthrough as a developer was with a local Cricket Protein start up, Coast Protein. This gig helped open me up to the power of Shopify, and by extension online sales and e-commerce. I continue to work with the dedicated team at Coast Protein who I've developed a long-standing, positive relationship. 

Fast-forward to today I have worked on several development projects, working hand in hand with designers and business owners to create highly optimized websites. Generally I make an effort to build websites on Shopify to develop online stores, and through this I have advanced my skills to the point I consider myself an expert in HTML and CSS, as well as Shopify's native programming language Liquid. Additionally I have an overall mastery of the framework, which compliments a growing skill-set that includes Wordpress development, as well as SquareSpace development (which this site is developed on!). 

Honestly, the day I stop working Wordpress projects won't come soon enough. So hopefully that's not why you're here. 

  • Mobile Optimization
  • Liquid/Shopify Framework
  • Teamwork 
  • Time Management 

Coast Protein

I covered some of the valuable takeaways I've had working with these guys. We just finished working through our first re-design this past new year and we're all very happy with how it's turned out. They're a startup working in a very exciting field as alternative forms of protein continue to become more mainstream. Beyond development skills this has been a great opportunity for me to learn about working in a team, meeting deadlines and going above and beyond for my clients. 

  • Wordpress CMS
  • Mobile Optimization
  • WooCommerce
  • Facebook Advertising 
  • Re-branding
  • Google Adwords/Analytics

Smart Earth Seeds

This was a great project to get extensive exposure to Wordpress (probably more exposure than I needed, because I consider the system broken and frustrating). I not only came up with an original design for the website, but also migrated all relevant content from their Joomla based site over to Wordpress. On top of all that, as the global leader in camelina production, an oil seed crop, I've recently developed a landing page for their Equine Oil and we have plans to start selling on Amazon in the next couple months. As that project grows I've already lead the development of a re-branding for the Horse Oil offering, with eyes towards the development of a similar product for house pets. 

  • Liquid
  • Shopify Framework
  • Customer Service 

Earth Longevity

This was more valuable experience working in development for a Shopify based store. They are killing it selling psoriasis cream (yes, really). In addition to Shopify Development work, where I gained some of my most integral knowledge building optimized stores, I also managed customer service. Handling Facebook comments and dealing with customer feedback and questions has made me better at understanding the consumer and making sure I understand the product I'm working with inside and out. 

  • Wordpress CMS
  • Mailchimp
  • Leadpages


As the Director of Digital Operations I was tasked with building our brand website. I was responsible for the design and management of wordpress plugins to manage analytics. I set up a landing pages for email captures and developed all the copy. It's simple, but as the company grows we will create a more commerce based site on Shopify.

  • Liquid/Shopify Framework 
  • Inventory Management 
  • Product Entry

Giardini Di Sole - Canada

Work is ongoing as I develop the Canadian Shopify store for Vancouver based Italian Ceramic Importer GDS. Pretty basic store setup and theme development, working with the company owner to meet her commerce needs.

  • Shopify/Liquid Framework
  • Email Setup 
  • Web App Integrations 
  • Alternate Payment Gateway Setup


This is an Alberta based seller of medicinal marijuana. I developed the theme from scratch and applied best practices for an optimized sales page. Setup a company email and integrated apps for live customer chat. Most interesting part about this project was creating an alternate payment gateway through direct e-transfer as Shopify's native payment processor does not support the sale marijuana, legal or not (this was legal, don't worry, because I know what you're thinking).

  • Liquid/Shopify Framework

Wild Coast Collective

A local business that pushes the boundaries of what the meaning of a comfortable trip into the bush is. Very close group of friends of mine who are more extreme than they need to be. Have aided in the design of their e-commerce site where they sell unique clothing designs. Going forward we'll be working on a trip planning web app so stay tuned!