Facebook Ad Experience

I’ve always loved the mental side of marketing. I went to school for psychology at first. When I realized probably wasn’t going to be cut for being a psychiatrist I enrolled in a marketing management program. In some convoluted way Facebook ads have married these two passions.

The power of Facebook advertising is incredible and the future of marketing is fascinating. I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent working myself up from an entry level contractor to managing Facebook accounts with companies that are willing to spend upwards of 15K per month.


IntelliGym | Digital Advertising Specialist

I’ve been working for IntelliGym for a handful of months. They’re a cognitive training platform mainly used by youth athletes, but it’s used all the way up to the pros as well. It’s really cool software. Initially it was developed for Air Force pilots in the Israeli military but it has since been modified and applied to sports. I’m a sports lover so this was the perfect fit.

I handle more than 15K in monthly ad spend across their Hockey and Soccer campaigns and they have very lofty goals in the long and short term. I’ve been responsible for audience research and ad development. It’s been a great experience writing ad copy and the results I’ve been able to drive for them to this point has made them significantly more profitable and efficient with their ad spend.

Smart Earth Seeds | Digital Marketing Specialist

I’ve handled every level of Smart Earth’s digital marketing programs. I managed their Facebook ad accounts focused on driving sales to their Equine product catalog.

Campaigns are also ongoing for their lubricant business, as I’ve developed campaigns for their Bar & Chain Oils, as well as their Eco-friendly spray lubricants.

Smart Earth Camelina Oil for Equine - Labels.jpg


Uno Gelato | Digital Marketing Specialist

Uno Gelato is a Vancouver based Gelato shop. My focus with them is drive traffic to their three locations with new monthly ads as well as improve their delivery service campaigns.