Amazon Experience

Sales has always been a passion of mine and Amazon has quickly taken over my life. It started with a simple idea among friends and has developed into a full fledged obsession. This period of self development has opened me up to the endless opportunities available to Amazon sellers and has resulted in the growth of some significant and lasting relationships with people in the field who share my passion. 

I have taken this wealth of resources available to me and harnessed it both for myself, with Fitojo, as well as for others, with the development of my own Amazon Listing Optimization service, Nozama DS. Working hand in hand with sellers and providing them with the skills and resources they need to run a successful Amazon operation both brings me satisfaction, as well as growing my knowledge base on a day to day basis. 


Fitojo | Director of Digital Operations

My skepticism quickly turned to elation as a couple of my buddies and I started to find success seemingly overnight selling on Amazon. Taking our little idea to market has been an invaluable learning experience and has been the best way to learn the ropes selling on Amazon. Our mistakes have only fueled our development as sellers and we have endless room for growth as we continue to learn and adapt on a daily basis. 

I currently work as the head of Digital Operations, handling all levels of digital marketing and optimization but have been heavily involved in every step of developing our idea into a full-fledged brand and FBA business. The process has been a daily learning experience, and my diverse skill-set continues to grow by the day. Here's the process I've been involved in:

  • Create a Brand
  • Perform Market Research 
  • Work with Suppliers Overseas 
  • Monitoring and Planning for Available & Inbound Inventory
  • Create & Manage E-Mail Marketing Campaigns 
  • Manage Amazon Sponsored Ads 
  • Manage Facebook Ads
  • Build Landing Pages for E-Mail Captures
  • Perform Keyword Research for Optimized Listing 
  • Work with Designers for Product Photography and Listing Optimization 

Nozama Digital Solutions | Founder & Project Manager

I've been fortunate to acquire a lot of resources since Fitojo's conception and built valuable relationships with other highly successful Amazon sellers. With great teachers and resources at my disposal I just want to share what I can with anyone that will listen. With Nozama DS I give businesses the listing optimization they need to rank on the first page of Amazon and harness the power of Amazon's abbr algorithm. Most importantly I help you sell and give you the tools for sustained success selling on Amazon. 

Currently our team focuses on keyword research for an optimized listing, creating a keyword rich title and a strong product description with relevant and persuasive bullet points. Our designers have an eye for high converting product imagery and blend powerful design principles with a clear vision of what consumers are looking for when they reach your page. We also offer EBC solutions and Amazon Seller Central account management. 

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