My name's Adam Grushcow and I am a BC bred freelance Digital Marketer & Web Developer. I specialize in Shopify store building and theme development. A graduate of Thinkful's Web Development bootcamp and BCIT's marketing management program, I have a breadth of knowledge that I apply to both local and global businesseses I work hand in hand with, as well as my own business ventures. I have a passion for coding up websites, whether that be on Shopify or Wordpress platforms and making these online ventures profitable. I'm a freelancer always looking for my next project and am always looking to build positive, longterm relationships with my clients.

There's more to me than what I work on. I am an avid traveller, I love the freedom that freelancing gives me to work all over the world and I deeply value my freedom of location. Life's too short to be in one place. I'm a big sports fan and any project I can pair with this passion is exactly why I got into this business. I'm passionate, loyal and genuinely care about every project I take on and those values are what makes working with new people on a daily basis all the more valuable.

My background in marketing, paired with my budding knowledge of the online marketplace has spurred an obsession with e-commerce and that's where a lot of my focus is currently based in. I have taken a liking to developing Shopify stores and working contract jobs, working hand in hand with designers and teams of entrepeneurs that share a vision of excellence. The most rewarding part of my work is helping people like them reach their goals and I want to do the same for you.